The Librarian
(of Unseen University)

The Librarian, loyal member of the Watch

Yes the Librarian is an orang-utan... but not always

It happened many years ago in a freak magical accident. Many attempts have been made to return the Librarian to his former status but he seems quite happy to stay the way he is.

As long as he gets his bananas, books are returned by the date due and no-one mentions the "M" word* he's quite happy to keep the library of Unseen University in good working order

He has travelled occasionaly but in most cases incognito as "Pongo" pet of wizards.

*which ends in 'onkey'

Possible Casting: Clyde from Any Which Way But Loose Probably better to visit Jim Hensons Creature
Workshop, The Pixar Animation Studios (Toy Story, Bug's Life, etc.) or ILM though

The Librarian, ready for a night on the town

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