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Greebo fully clothed still managed to communicate the nakedness beneath. The insouciant moustache, the long sideburns and the tousled black hair combined with the well- developed muscles to give the impression of the more louche kind of buccaneer or romantic poet who'd given up on the opium and tried red meat instead... Greebo could, in fact, commit sexual harassment simply by sitting very quietly in the next room.

To Granny a cat was a a damn' cat whatever shape it was, and Nanny Ogg always thought of him as Mr. Fluffy.

Terry Pratchett

Possible Casting: As a cat: Let's visit Jim Hensons Creature Workshop or ILM.

As a man: Ben Afleck, Sean Penn, Kevin Smith (Ares God of War - Xena Warror Princess), Antonio Banderas, Marcus Testory (Highlander TV), Sean Bean (Richard Sharpe from Sharpe's ? [UK TV series]), Alan Rickman (Sherrif of Nottingham), Keanu Reeves, Billy Zane, Kurt Russell (as Snake from the Escape movies), Michael Wincott (Three Musketeers), Tim Curry, Martin Kemp (of "Krays" film and Spandau Ballet), Any of the dancers from Cats: Jacob Brent or John Partridge, John Leguizamo, Danny John-Jules (Cat from Red Dwarf).

Paul Kidby suggests: Sean Bean.

Added info from L-Space annotations for Wyrd Sisters:

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

Ben Afleck
Ben Afleck

'Greebo' is a word that was widely used in the early seventies to describe the sort of man who wanders around in oil-covered denim and leather (with similar long hair) and who settles disagreements with a motorcycle chain -- the sort who would like to be a Hell's Angel but doesn't have enough style.

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